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natural treatment for pain palpitations disease

natural treatment for pain palpitations disease

dyspnea is shortness of breath. it's a verycommon symptom in a lot of illnesses and conditions. people think of copd or interstitial lungdisease or pulmonary hypertension, but it can also go along with conditions like heartfailure and cancers. and really there can be so much suffering that goes along withthe shortness of breath. it causes anxiety and depression, and dependence on others forhelp around the house and doing errands and and it just can make people feel so terrible.what amazes me about a lot of patients i meet with advanced lung disease is how accustomedmany of them become to the limitations of their breathing. some of them become veryused to walking ten feet and stopping and resting. and it they at least tell me sometimesthat it doesn't bother them and some people

it does bother. so really it's taking a verypersonal, very patient-focused approach to how does it affect them and how do we helpmake it better?

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