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natural treatment for the disease appendicitis appendix

natural treatment for the disease appendicitis appendix

♪ [music] ♪ [hugo] so we talked about the elimination pathways and we talked about the intestines,but what about the appendix? - [dr. group] well, the appendix isprobably one of the most important regulators in the whole body.and when we started looking into the intestinal tract and the function ofthe intestinal track, we found out that it was really kind of a closely guardedsecret by the medical profession that the doctors were not really being taught aboutthe intestines and we would-- - [hugo] because what we do is we cut it out.

- [dr. group] we cut it out. we cut the appendixout or, you know-- really, nobody knew here;and still, to this day, when we have appendicitis or you can ask anybody in themedical profession what the appendix is and what it does, and they're going totell you they don't know. it's a useless gland that they can just cut out when itbecomes inflamed. there's nothing useless in the body, you know that. so we actuallyhad to-- it was very curious. why-- i always think now that if the medicalprofession and medical schools aren't teaching the doctors something or theystill say that they don't know what it does or it's useless, pretty much, it'sgoing to be the opposite.

- [hugo] yes.- [dr. group] that probably means, you know, it's veryimportant and they don't want to release information on it and they don't wantdoctors to know what it actually does. - [hugo] david wolf said that, and i thoughtit was brilliant. he said, "i no longer haveto go in and do the research from the bottom up. i just look at the news; andwhatever the pharmaceuticals and the government says not to do, i just do theopposite, and it works," he said. i thought that was a very clever way to seeit. - [dr. group] right. that's usually the wayit is. basically, everything you hear on the

media is gonna be a lie,but it's all done to create fear, to make you believe in something that usually 99%of the time is not true. it's usually something completely opposite ofthat. - [hugo] i asked you about the appendix becauseyou had to translate russian and german documents, that's right? - [dr. group] that's right. - [hugo] to really know what it is, this organdoes and what it is all about, and i thought that was-- well, my admiration toyou for that because i-- after learning that the appendix is the reservoir of allthis bacteria, but not only that, it's

like the control center, right, thecomputer in our bodies? - [dr. group] it is, yes, because therussians and the germans have done a lot of research on the appendix; and now,thanks to the internet, you can actually pull up stuff and translate it. but thiswas 10, 15, when the internet was just coming in, and we did have to lookoutside the united states to figure out information on the appendix. and what wefound out was that the appendix is the microcomputer center. it's like yourmicrochip in your whole body. it's the size of your pinky. where it's located isimportant. it's located right at the juncture of your small intestine and largeintestine. that's when everything dumps

into your large intestine and your-- notonly that, the appendix actually regulates the lymphatic, neurological, endocrine. imean, it basically is your control center or your brain. your brain in your body isnot up here. it is technically, but really the brain is in your gut. that's whyeverything happens in the gut. seventy percent of your immune system is there,even the regulation of the brain happens in the gut 'cause your seretonin isproduced in the intestinal lining. really, our whole world, our whole ecosystem is inour intestines. - [hugo] which is called a biodome, right?- [dr. group] yeah. - [hugo] at least for dr. mercola, he calls it the biodome.

- [dr. group] yes, that's right. when we have theperfect environment in our intestines, everything works perfect in our body.♪ [music] ♪

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