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natural treatment for the disease experienced vertigo disease

natural treatment for the disease experienced vertigo disease

hi welcome to stressedout stressfree dot commy name is vincent woon. last friday i received a text from a friend asking me to pray forhim now .the whole world is spinning. what is that? well it is dizziness. what is dizziness? dizziness is light-headedness or feeling likeyou might faint, loss of balance or vertigo which is a feeling of you or the room is spinningor moving. most causes of dizziness are not serious andeither quickly gets better on their own or sometimes with early treatment. ok let’s take a look at what causes dizziness:it could be allergies. it could be illness

such as cold or flu. could be dehydrationfrom vomiting, diarrhea or fever . or it could be inner ear infection or lowor high blood pressure, last but not least anxiety and stress. well dizziness all these could be taken careof easily because dizziness is a symptom and it’s not a disease so the treatment willor should be focus on the cause. for example: if you get dizziness and lightheadednessfrom cold or flu, that might require some homeopathic remedies or medication or if youhave dizziness and lightheadedness due to dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea, allyou need to do is replenish yourself and drink a lot of water.

what about dizziness from low blood pressureor high blood pressure? you can adjust it by going through a proper diet and exercise. dizziness and lightheadedness caused anxietyand stress can be overcome by doing calming, relaxing activities and remember don’t sweatthe small stuff because they are all small stuff.now back to my friend ...later on i found out that he was stressing out over a pairof missing keys. he has been looking for it for the past two days and he was really stressedout and finally found it, guess where? he found it the place where he first leftthe keys ...so just don’t sweat the small stuff and they are all small stuff.thank you very much for watching, i hope that

this will give you an idea what dizzinessis and how it will help you when you actually fell dizzy and if you like it please shareit with your friends. don’t forget to visit my blog at http://stressedoutstressfree.comand i see you in the next video.

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