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natural treatment for the disease bowel disease down

natural treatment for the disease bowel disease down

mr. prakash, greetings! we welcome you to planet ayurveda. please tell us a little about yourself. greetings! i am prakash mehnani. i belong to kenya, south africa. what kind of disease are you getting treated for from planet ayurveda? i’m suffering from a disease called ulcerative colitis and i’m taking medicines for the same. can you tell us more about your condition? it started from february, 2015. i started suffering from frequent stools with bleeding. i went to see the doctor, there i got to know about this disorder called ulcerative colitis.

before turning to ayurvedic treatment, how was your experience with the allopathic medicine? i took allopathic medicines for more than a year but it didn’t benefit me much. how did you get to know about planet ayurveda, dr. vikram chauhan? i was very stressed because ulcerative colitis is one such disease in which you experience frequent stools and a lot of bleeding which eventually leaves you extremely depressed and feeble. then one day i was searching on google about ayurvedic treatment of ulcerative colitis as i’m a staunch believer of ayurveda and i came across dr. vikram chauhan’s page and i read some reviews, i contacted him. since when are you seeking treatment from dr. vikram? it’s been two months today.

how are you feeling, sir? i got my sigmoidoscopy done a day before coming here and the results are normal. it’s unbelievable and my allopathic doctor can’t believe it either. you’ve been taking this treatment from the past two months and it has benefitted you so much. you must have modified your diet and lifestyle as well! absolutely! diet plays an extremely important role in this disease. dr. vikram told me about the dos and don’ts. it would be really nice if you could also brief us about that. yes, sure! dr. vikram asked me to avoid dairy products, citrus fruits and sour foods, smoking and alcohol and non-vegetarian diet.

along with this he also told me what to eat which is very important. he told me to eat as many potatoes and bananas, khichdi, idli but avoid rasam as it is sour, dosa, eat as much yogurt as you can along with pomegranate juice. all dairy products except yogurt should be shunned. and i’ve followed every single thing mentioned by dr. vikram for two months and i’m following it till date. how are you feeling right now? i don’t have words to explain how healthy and light i’m feeling right now. ulcerative colitis patients suffer from severe depression due to their condition. therefore, i would like you to express your views after your treatment so that they can get a ray of hope. when i first got diagnosed with this condition in february 2015 and i was told that i will have to seek treatment for ulcerative colitis throughout my life.

they said there is no treatment for this disorder, it’s just that these medicines will prevent my condition from worsening. not even once did i feel that i’ll get rid of this disease and that’s why i turned to ayurveda and according to ayurveda this disorder is curable. and you’ve experienced it personally! yes! i’m a live example of this. i got fully cured in just 60 days. mr. prakash, how did you find this treatment, extremely costly or reasonable? i feel that there’s nothing more precious than your health and it’s pretty affordable and can be afforded by a common man. tell us about the medicines you took during this treatment. dr. vikram gave me very simple medicines. this pack consists of 4 types of medicines. which are kutajghan vati - 2 tablets twice daily, 2 each arjuna capsules and vasaka capsules - twice daily and vatsakadi churna.

it is a simple combination of 4 medicines which can be easily taken. we’re delighted to know that you’re cured. please give a message for people suffering from ulcerative colitis so that they can use it too. i’ll definitely want to do that. you can see a live example in front of you! on one hand allopathic says this disease is incurable and awful and i got rid of it in just two months. i’d urge everyone watching or listening to me to adopt herbal medicines. thank you very much mr. prakash for saying these things straight from your heart. thank you very much!

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